Upper Helm Teak Installation for 2016 39′, Southern Draw

Upper Helm Teak Installation for 2016 39′, Southern Draw

Southern Draw, a 2016 39' Tiara owned by Brian Darnell, spent part of the winter at the Hampton Service Yard having new teak installed on the upper helm, which included removing the existing teak pads on the boarding area, steps and footrests on the helm and port...

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Seakeeper 9 Installation for “Freestyle”

Seakeeper 9 Installation for “Freestyle”

Freestyle, 61' Blackwell, built in 2004 recently made a visit to the Hampton Yacht Yard for the installation of a Seakeeper 9 Gyro.  This installation required relocating the oil change pump manifold, generator fuel filter, water heater, accumulation and water filter,...

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Engine Repower and Stabilization for 59′ Sportfish, Sea Toy

Engine Repower and Stabilization for 59′ Sportfish, Sea Toy

Sea Toy, a 59' sportfish built by Spencer Yachts in 2008 is well-known throughout the Mid-Atlantic for their tournament prowess and charter fishing operation. Captained by Bull Tolsen and hailing from Pirate's Cove Marina, Sea Toy is spending the winter season at our...

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New Paint and Mezzanine for Viking 52 “Contango”

New Paint and Mezzanine for Viking 52 “Contango”

Gary Gilmore's Viking 52, "Contango" recently visited the Bluewater Yacht Yard in Hampton to receive fresh hull paint plus the addition of a raised mezzanine in the cockpit. A mezzanine refit has become known as one of Bluewater's many specialties, and the new...

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Viking 64 Convertible “Goose” Gets Paint and Teak Refinish

Viking 64 Convertible “Goose” Gets Paint and Teak Refinish

This Viking 64 Convertible was previously known as "Oh My Gosh", but since being sold has been repainted and received transom teak work, including the addition of her new name: "Goose". This sportfisher from Viking Yachts is also enjoying a refinish of her full teak...

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Planning and Patience Rejuvenate Custom Sportfish Maverick

Planning and Patience Rejuvenate Custom Sportfish Maverick

Top athletes aren’t just born but honed, developing innate skill through hours of practice. The surfer carving a perfect wave, a diver executing miraculous turns, even the winning bait spread would not exist with out days of training, repetitive workouts and great...

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Upgrading the Potomac River Company’s Fleet One Piece at a Time

Upgrading the Potomac River Company’s Fleet One Piece at a Time

Let's jump right in, the Potomac River Company’s passenger fleet may lack the fit and finish of many of the yachts Bluewater regularly services, but they’re not without their unique charm—as well as technical challenges. For several years now, the Bluewater Yacht Yard...

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Full Time Cruisers Reflect on Bluewater’s Global Support

Full Time Cruisers Reflect on Bluewater’s Global Support

After 13 years, a long and meaningful relationship is either working or it’s not. Geof and Mary Bloom say it’s definitely working. Early in the new millennium the two met Bluewater sales professional Jud Black as they were searching to step up from a 53 convertible....

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Princess Yachts 65 “Endless Summer” Made New Again

Princess Yachts 65 “Endless Summer” Made New Again

The Hikel family are enjoying their beautiful 2006 Princess Yachts 65, appropriately named Endless Summer, after she recently spent some time in the capable and intuitive hands of Bluewater Yacht Yards technicians and engineers. During her stay at the Bluewater Yacht...

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Notable Yachts Serviced

Boat Name Size Manufacturer
Beach Girl 130 Westport
Joan’s Ark 112 Westport
Alexis 92 Viking Yachts
Gentle Ben 80 Hatteras MY
Freedom 77 Freedom Boat Works
Ann Warrick 76 Paul Mann
Moderation 76 Viking Yachts
Dare to Dream 75 Leopard
No Worries 72 Viking Sport Cruiser
Sea I Sea 72 Viking Yachts
Miss Mallory 70 Canal Ferry Boat
Dream Girl 68 Symbol MY
Oasis 68 Viking Yachts
Shenanigans 68 Hampton
Eye Roller 67 Scarborough
Bay Eagle 67 Research Vessel
Waverton 67 Horizon
Episode 66 Viking Yachts
Miss Alley 65 Pacific Mariner
Miss Hampton 65 Tour Boat
Reel’N and Deal’n 65 Viking Yachts
Sperry Star 64 Hatteras MY
Cacique 64 Viking Yachts
Knot Done Yet 64 Viking Yachts
Loblolly 62 Oyster
Spray 61 East Bay
Strokin’ 61 Viking Yachts
Change Order 61 Viking Yachts
Victory Lap 61 Viking Yachts
Ambush 61 Bluewater
C-Jam 61 Blackwell
Diamond Girl 61 Spencer
Eye Catcher 61 Garlington
Haphazard 61 Holton Custom Yachts
Ms Ellie 61 Viking Sport Cruiser
Reel Time 61 Viking Yachts
Seafari 61 Viking Sport Cruiser
At Ease 60 Viking Yachts
Contango 60 Viking Yachts
Desperado 60 B & D Boatworks
Christine’s Fantasy 60 Hatteras
Bluewater 59 Grand Banks
Designer’s Choice 58 Viking Sport Cruiser
Noel 58 Viking Yachts
Maggie B 58 Hatteras MY
High Hopes 58 Sleepy Creek Boat
Sniper 58 Paul Mann
Delta Dawn 57 Island Boatworks
Game Time 57 Taylor Made
Just Right 56 Viking Yachts
Second Wind 56 Neptunus
Tippecanoe 56 Viking Yachts
Slip Away 56 Alaskan
Triflin 56 Viking Yachts
White Caps 55 Viking Yachts
Jobsite 55 Viking Yachts
Lady M 55 Altima
Tunacious 54 Viking Yachts
Frequent Flyer 54 Jarrett Bay
Karlicia 54 Princess Yachts
Another Toy 54 Viking Yachts
At Ease 52 Viking Yachts
Cuttin Up 52 Viking Yachts
Elisa 52 Princess Yachts
Ice Man 52 Viking Yachts
Outta Town 52 Viking Sport Cruiser
Sand Dollar 52 Viking Yachts
Sea Rounds 52 Viking Yachts
Tag 52 Viking Yachts
Tenth Frame 52 Viking Yachts
Marathon 51 Detling
Overdrawn 50 Silverton
Peanut Patch 50 Viking Yachts
Stephanie Anne 50 Blackwell
Blinky IV 50 Viking Yachts
Carrie D 50 Viking Yachts MY
Morning Star 50 Tiara
All Girls 48 Viking Yachts
Christine 48 Sabre Yachts
Delta V 48 Sabre Yachts
Fighting Chance 48 Viking Yachts
Irish Rose 48 Sabre Yachts
Jane Marie 48 Viking Yachts
Job Site 48 Viking Yachts
Marjoe 48 Sabre Yachts
Play Pen 48 Viking Yachts
Time Flys 48 Viking Yachts
Tyger Lady 48 Island Boat Works
Hazer 47 Viking Yachts
Good Thymes V 45 Cruisers Yachts
Lady Addison 45 Cabo Yachts
Laura Mae 45 Dixon
Betty Ann 45 Viking Yachts
No Mercy 45 Viking Yachts
Third Daughter 45 Viking Sport Cruiser
Seaduction 45 Viking Yachts
Seakeeper 43 Viking Yachts
Don’t Panic 43 Viking Yachts
Four B’s 43 Hatteras MY
Belle Epoque 42 Sabre Yachts
Laura Lee 42 Sabre Yachts
Loki 42 Sabre Yachts
Old Squaw 42 Provincial
Perfect C’s 42 Sabre Yachts
Prime Time 42 Meridian
My Girls 40 Viking Yachts MY
Seas the Day 40 Mainship
Suit Up 39 Cruisers Yachts
Decision 38 Sabre Yachts
Dolphin Dance 38 Sabre Yachts
Plane Up 38 Sabre Yachts
Meridian 38 Farr
Rainbow Runner 38 Dead Rise
Rose Marie 38 Tiara
Blue Eyed Suns II 37 Viking Yachts
Down Time 37 Back Cove Yachts
Quota 37 Intrepid
Mental Floss 37 Chris Craft
Mental Relaxation 36 Sea Ray
Press Only 36 Talaria
Marlin Bird 35 Cabo Yachts
Zdeni 35 Duffy
Magic II 34 Mainship
Maddawg 33 Pursuit
Hatch Cover III 30 Back Cove Yachts
Bad Apple 16 Jersey Skiff