Welding & Fabrication

Engineered to Your Desires

From the simple spot-weld, to new railings, up to a full tower, Bluewater has built it or fixed it or redesigned it to your specifications. Fiberglass and other composite material fabrication is part of Bluewater’s day to day job fulfillment. Our technicians are not limited to the ordinary and they recognize “use-ability” and bring it to the level of art-form everyday. The most interesting and challenging jobs become the focus of the entire yard from the initial design and engineering through the stages of development and installation.

Some aspects of our expertise include:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of custom aluminum tops, towers and other structural components
  • Cutting, fitting and welding on pipe, plate and structural extrusions
  • Mezzanine design, fabrication and installation
  • Console rebuilds and component addition, fabrication and installation
  • New boat construction
  • Any imaginable fabrication or welding project

Bluewater routinely produces complex FRP structures, with and without cores, for refit and modification of vessels from 20 to over 120 feet in length. Our team has built structures and molds and made repairs using polyester, vinylester and epoxy resin systems. Our technicians have extensive experience in reinforcing materials including all common e and s glass materials, dynel and kevlar.

Bluewater is often called upon by boat manufacturers and insurance companies to repair complex single‐skin and composite FRP structures which have been damaged in accidents or require repair under manufacturers’ warranty policies. Bluewater technicians are familiar with structural standards such as correct feathering ratios in laminate skins to reproduce original structural integrity, and are skilled at replacing damaged core materials with the same or improved materials to re‐create the proper core qualities such as compressibility, non-friability, shear strength and thermal resistance in hot climates.

The worst damage imaginable?  We can fix it. You have a vision of how you want your boat to look and function? We can build it!

Recent Welding Projects