In the spring, Bluewater Yacht Yards received a note from a first-time visitor of our Hampton Service Yard, with his boat “Delta J”, a 58′ Viking Yacht:

I want to tell you how pleased I am at the attention your business has given me, especially by sending me Darryl Cooper.  He was on the boat with me on Monday, looked at the problems with me, that I was having (and theses are the same problems I have been having over the last year with many unsuccessful attempts by other yards, that they have charged for me, to fix the issues without success) with my tachs and the Glendenning.  He got right to the heart of the matter and fixed the problem which turned out to be hidden in the wiring, but once found, easy to figure out and fix.  He is persistent and smart and, importantly to me as a customer, communicates well.  Not only that, he called me just about every day to report what he found before he got to the root of the issue today.

I hope you will let him and the owners of Bluewater know what an asset he is to your business.