Geoffrey and Mary Bloom have been longtime customers of ours, having received their first Bluewater purchase back in 2002 – a Viking 61 Enclosed Bridge. Over the years they have moved up and up with us, expanding to a 68 and more recently a 76EB.

We consider ourselves long term members of the Bluewater family, but in light of your 50th Anniversary we are relative newcomers. To continue to grow and prosper in an entrepreneurial enterprise over such a long period in an ultracompetitive and fast changing industry is a real credit to you and your team. The quality of your products and the character and quality of the people who sell and service them set you apart.

As we have said to you and anyone who asks, Bluewater is the major contributor to making our lives on the water both possible and pleasurable. We also want to acknowledge the exceptional service we receive from Craig Messick and his team no matter where or when an issue develops. Mary, Captain Max and I extend our heartfelt congratulations on achieving this milestone and hope we will share many years of future success.