Mezzanine Refits

Transforming Your Boat to Your Vision

Harnessing the technologies and facilities available at both yards, Bluewater’s technicians and craftsmen can repair, fabricate or finish any aspect of your vessel. The cockpit makeover has become an increasingly popular trend amongst sportfish boats that were originally built with conventional standing-room-only layouts.

One upgrade that has become a Bluewater specialty is the installation of the “mezzanine.” Once just lockers and steps, a new mezzanine incorporates seating for observers to get in on the cockpit action plus new lockers, coolers and engine room access. Bluewater utilizes both factory inserts as well as completely custom solutions to retrofit any cockpit layout. Combined with a complete deck paint job or teak sole, the new mezzanine blends beautifully into the original boat.

Recent Mezzanine Installs

Transforming a custom Ricky Scarborough

Our Hampton yacht yard has been busy with a major transformation for this 2001 Ricky Scarborough 55. Formerly known as Reel Affair, this custom sportfish is getting a complete mezzanine refit to include new windows, teak and various storage compartments. Once the...