Bottom Paint & Topcoats

Bringing it Back

The processes involved in dealing with bottom paint have evolved significantly over the years. Bluewater has the means and technology to turn what was once endless hours of scraping and sanding into a safe, effective and easy process. Using no hazardous chemicals, abrasives or solvents, we can clean and de-coat your hull in one step. Traditional processes are also available for less advanced states of accumulation. However you choose, Bluewater can bring the bottom of your boat back to what you need to keep the speed and fuel efficiency you expect from your ride.

The Finest in Protection and Shine

We use finishing systems including gelcoats, both in female mold and overspray-and-polish techniques; 2‐part linear polyurethanes such as Awlgrip and Alexseal; catalyzed epoxy finishes, and a wide range of traditional one-part paints. Technicians are trained to manufacturer and industry standards of the safe and effective application of these materials and best practices in waste handling and materials management.

Recent Paint Projects